Renso, James & Giuseppe


Research Question

How do public spaces limit/encourage the interaction between people in a community.  


(Design, Crime & Location)

Case Studies of Three Categories

-Parks (South Oxford Park)

-Pops Privately owned Public Spaces (1. Fulton & ashland, 2. 650 Dean street & Vanderbilt)

-Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center space (Atlantic Ave Barclays)


Each case study would be described based on analyzing the following


  • Invitation Vegetation, Materials, Shading, Furniture
  1. How the space is used (resting place, social place, playing space)


  • Research Method
  1. Personal observations, comfort, feeling,
  2. Articles- documenting local use
  3. Blogs



  • Geography– business’s
  • Relationship to other spaces and surrounding buildings
  • Access to space
  • Research Method:
  • Types of people within the area**