Dominika’s abstract

With all of my power I will try and prove the importance of gender and its determination for life. Throughout human life, it determines many factors including social interactions. This paper will make the reader understand the struggles associated with sexism, and its consequences. Through books, articles/short writings and true events this will show the inequality of the social, political and economic aspects of sexism. I will examine from the very start of human life, and the gender role complex, which is accompanying to it. I will also go through the decades to demonstrate gradual evolution toward feminism and its discriminations, ending with today’s modern world and its issues today. The results of female abuse regarding to not only physical however mental; and other crimes along with many other associated to the government and how it is disregarded. Many political issues which are associated with women are omitted. To conclude, it will state the awful truth behind human nature.

2 thoughts on “Dominika’s abstract

  1. Dr. Williams

    Where is the specific literature and/or films required to prove this? Why prove that human nature is awful? Change voice to “This research will show…” and “I will prove….”

    1. Dominika Post author

      im not sure if you are going to be able to get my email. So ill just reply here just to be safe as well.
      So as I was writing my essay I noticed a factor that I wanted to add into my essay. I feel like adding social psychology to try and explain the method and justification of social oppression as a whole with backing up my last sentence of my abstract about the true human nature, using examples of all of the things we have talked about in class. Would you agree that it might be a way to go, or is that too far away from the purpose of this essay?


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