Discrimination and Change

Posted in other places on 12/5/14.

This paper will show that although there has been years of change to establish equality the mission to have true equality continues when it comes to gender and race. I will examine the unjust treatment presented to women and African Americans that is seen in the past and the present. This work will show that historically, socially philosophically and judicially African Americans and women. African Americans and women have been treated differently because of social perceptions and higher standards. When African Americans fight against the issues of race and how they are treated unjust they fight together but when women fight we do not always stand as one. We see the issues that are presented and do not make an effort to progress for all instead sometimes even stand against each other. It is understood that we do live in a patriarchy world but it does not mean that we should act we are any less than a human. To do this I will discuss the book to “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the film “The Mississippi Trial to demonstrate inequality in race. I will Incorporate Naomi Wolf’s article “The making of a Slut” and the film “The Accused” to show inequality of women. In addition to the films, book and article I will use websites. The essay shows that people are not all equal and if there is any chance of equality we must acknowledge the importance of equality and take things more seriously to generate change.


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