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  1. Erica Flores Luna

    Discrimination : Throughout the past and the Present

    Throughout our nation’s history, there have been many changes that have taken place in traditional family life and the family ethics. The search of the American Dream was developing during the 1920s. As immigrants had left their home country, in search for a better life to the so called Promised Land. It was this idea that everyone had equal opportunities regardless of their social status, religion, or race. But most of the times the reality was much different than the dream. In fact, the American dream in the early 1900’s was a work of fiction, particularly for females, the reason being because that gender discrimination was still present. It consisted of actions that went against women because of their gender. Even though, during the 1920’s everyone was to be treated equal, that didn’t apply to many of the people here in America. The reason was, because in those days several people in America still followed their native country’s customs, that men were superior to women.

    By : Erica Flores-Luna

    Submitted in Partial Fullfillment of
    English 3401.
    New York City College of Technology
    Dr. J Williams
    December 3, 2014

  2. Dr. Williams

    Literature used to prove point? Methodology? Ultimately, What do you want your reader to take away for. Reading your essay?


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