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Discrimination and Change

Posted in other places on 12/5/14.

This paper will show that although there has been years of change to establish equality the mission to have true equality continues when it comes to gender and race. I will examine the unjust treatment presented to women and African Americans that is seen in the past and the present. This work will show that historically, socially philosophically and judicially African Americans and women. African Americans and women have been treated differently because of social perceptions and higher standards. When African Americans fight against the issues of race and how they are treated unjust they fight together but when women fight we do not always stand as one. We see the issues that are presented and do not make an effort to progress for all instead sometimes even stand against each other. It is understood that we do live in a patriarchy world but it does not mean that we should act we are any less than a human. To do this I will discuss the book to “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the film “The Mississippi Trial to demonstrate inequality in race. I will Incorporate Naomi Wolf’s article “The making of a Slut” and the film “The Accused” to show inequality of women. In addition to the films, book and article I will use websites. The essay shows that people are not all equal and if there is any chance of equality we must acknowledge the importance of equality and take things more seriously to generate change.


Life liberty and injustice for some

The fight for equality, freedom and justice seems like a fight that can never be over for certain group of people. It is sad to say, that despite all the time that has past and all the lives lost, certain group of people in America are still victims to oppression and inequality. For this assignment, I will examine the segregation, current racism, discrimination and prejudice which exist in the American Society today, which led to the death and injustice for young men like Travon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. I will use statistics and case laws such the “Mississippi Burning Trial” , Jim Crow Laws and information from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee and other secondary sources to provide a clear picture of the inequality which still exists in America today, despite the fact that America claims equal rights and justice for all.

Inequality: An issue of Segregation & Racial Discrimination


Historically, gender inequality and racial discrimination against Africans Americans and women have been a major factor. African Americans and women continue to face racial discrimination in society mainly because of their race, gender, religion and national origin. This paper will show how the Laws have shaped this country, examine the social oppression and racial discrimination against African Americans and women. The research conducted will focus on the integrated theories of laws that were created to protect individual rights. In addition, novels such as; Tom’s trial in To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, A tragic love story in The Pact by Jodi Picoult, the murder mystery in Snow Falling on the Cedars by David Guterson, The Mississippi Burning film, The accused and the article, “The making of a slut,” by Naomi Wolf, along with current statistics and websites articles may help to prove how the struggle for equality and racial discrimination against women still persists to an extent that they still face discrimination in todays’ society.

Beyond Apple Pie: American Inequality

Throughout history America has been viewed as the bastion of justice, freedom and democracy. The United States Constitution and its Amendments establish these ideals, which are in turn defended fiercely by the government. However, the stark reality and history of American slavery and gender inequality speak volumes about a duplicitous system.

In approaching this topic a close examination of ideological theories purported by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Douglass and Mark Twain will be used. In addition, texts such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Snow Falling on Cedars and The Pact will be discussed as literary expressions of inequality. Further historical and statistical information will be presented to establish arguments about American prejudice and the current climate of race relations and gender inequality.

The conclusion of this work will hopefully shed light on the historical relevance of today’s social problems.



Despite the fact that we are in the twenty first century, this country still battles inequality and racism at its fullest level. This paper will examine the experience certain groups of Americans have had as a result of specific laws such as the Jim Crow Laws, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voters Rights Act of 1965. The focus will be on the different types of oppression that the African Americans and other minorities have suffered because of these laws as well as other circumstances which contributed to their oppression. Additionally, I will attempt to illustrate how several improvement have been made while in others areas there have only been an appearance of change; however, it is a far cry from transformation. Further discussion will be on the treatment of these groups as second class citizens even though equal opportunity is “supposedly” available to all. Is there such a thing as “equal opportunity” in America or if there is does it only apply to a specific of group individuals?