Laura Lema
ENG 3401: Law Through Literature
Dr. Williams

It is somewhat distasteful to chant the “Pledge of Allegiance” and still encumber an ideology where men are superior to women, where rich people are worth more than the poor, and that white men’s lives are much more significant than that of a black man’s. The constitution is fundamental; it is the “supreme law,” throughout the years, however; many were rejected, chastised, reprimanded and the outcasts of the “free world.” Racism was instilled and hardened by laws enacted by the government, so was segregation and almost always did women face sexism. The constitution remains the same, but it was amended, our young country is an example of a mind, societal evolution. From the beginning of western European thought (or ever since there has been records to show), women or people of a certain religion or ethnicity were overlooked, deemed as second class citizens. Fortunately, because of democracy and free speech, people in this country can speak out, protest, write, read, overthrow an old, dissatisfied government and replace it with a new one. It is self-evident that as human kind, we are progressing.

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  1. Dr. Williams

    What is your argument trying to prove? Methodology? After reading your essay, ultimately you want you reader to understand what? What literary works will be the foundation of your argument?


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