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The Mission of Laura’s Law & History is to educate the public about the specific cases, incidences, people and decisions in which led to a change of law or those who have left a mark a page in our history books. People should be aware of the specific landmark cases that are essential to the history of the United States, after all these cases are what made the United States the United States of America. We are a prideful nation and patriotic of our unique sense of individualism, but there are reasons behind our celebratory characteristic trait. People, like you and I, in a different time, when the world was black and white, untolerable, stood up and fought for their rights; we should celebrate knowing the details of how they came about. I want people to open their eyes and mind and question what they have read in class, television or textbooks and even my blog, nonetheless, question everything. I would like my audience, students, teachers, paralegals, or those who are interested in either Law or history, to view my blog as a scholarly website pertaining to the legal and historical content. I hope my readers view me through my blog, as a person who is opinionated yet knowledgeable about the law and history.


Laura’s Law & History emphasizes the dynamics of how the law and history intertwine and I would like people to see the direct correlation between the two. My readers should understand that events have occurred in the past which are now the reason we all have access to education, why women can join intercollegiate sports, why we could share books with anyone and many more rights we have gained access to. My readers should consider the importance of the content but also have fun reading the blog. In the future, I want my blog to be addressed to historians, politicians, and lawyers, but primarily the general public.


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