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I am a third year undergrad student at CUNY City Tech where I major in Legal Studies in New York City. Thanks to the discussions that were held at dinner or during car rides with my parents, I have always been stimulated by history and politics, and throughout the years that interest has transpired. When I leave the big ol’ city and visit new cities, it is almost instinct to ask “what is the story behind this town?” and “where can I get their best cheeseburgers?” Besides traveling and grabbing a grub, I enjoy a good conversation and a good read; better yet, a good conversation where good books are recommended! One of the books that I have read that motivated me furthermore is Sonia Sotomayor’s My Beloved World.


 My years at City Tech has nourished my interest in the field of Law, where with the help of my professors, I have been introduced to thrilling, exciting cases that led me to believe that both, Law and History intertwine. I am specially interested in the legal field and hope to continue my research of the law. I have tons to learn but what I am dumbfounded by is that I learn something new from some one every day… so I hope I can give that to you, the curious, the interested, the thinker, the debater: the scholar.

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