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Judge Judy


The legal field is viewed by many as a “Boys Club” but in today’s society women are taking the Legal industry by storm. I would like shine a little on Judge Judith Sheindlin who took her legal career to the next level by mixing law and entertainment to create her now syndicated show “Judge Judge”. She made history by being one of the highest paid women in television history with a estimated net worth of 150 million dollars.

Judge Sheindlin passed the bar in 1965 and worked as a prosecutor in the family court system. In 1982 she was appointed to be a judge in the criminal court system, four years later she had been promoted to supervising judge in the Manhattan division of the family court. In 1996 Sheindlin retired from being a family court judge and accepted a new offer as an arbitration-based reality court show judge. Her show “Judge Judy” paved the way for so many other reality court shows because her wit and no nonsense attitude made her an instant success on television.

Judge Judge is a living part of legal history, She broke boundaries and help paved the way for other legal professionals by proving that you don’t have to stay in a box. She is a Judge, TV personality & author who is worth millions.

Michael Chung

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