Typical Day As An Intern

Hello guys! And welcome to my blog, I am excited to share about my experience as a full-time student at CUNY City Tech, part-time intern, and part-time worker at a Wine & Spirit store. Throughout my week I do juggle all three and try my best to do all three eloquently and hope my hard work transcends through that. I would like to take this time to thank my professors at City Tech, managers at work and Attorney supervisor.

Three days out of the five in the week I go to my internship at a law office in 44 Court Street. I intern for a solo practitioner Melanie Marmer, who has practiced law for over 25 years. She specializes in matrimonial, family, child support and custody, estates trusts & wills, and divorce. Here is her link to her web page: http://www.mmarmeresq.com/Attorney/Melanie-M-Marmer.shtml .

What I am required to do at my internship usually vary on a daily basis. Melanie challenges me every day but with guidance. She is a strong advocate and she loves what she does. I do obvious clerical work, but also write up motions, petitions, letters to clients and attorneys, retainers, billing and also participate in court. Whenever Melanie interviews a potential client I am asked to sit next to her during the appointment and I have picked up the do’s and don’ts  of speaking to people in a professional setting.

I am fortunate to work with her because I entered as someone without experience and now am able to maneuver myself around the legal profession… my goal.

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