McLuhan characterizes media for us also. Directly toward the start of Understanding Media, he discloses to us that a medium is “any expansion of ourselves.” Classically, he recommends that a sledge expands our arm and that the wheel broadens our legs and feet. Each empowers us to accomplish beyond what our bodies could do all alone.”The restructuring of human work and association was shapedby the technique of fragmentation that is the essence of machine technology. The essence of automation technology is the opposite. It is integral and decentralist indepth, just as the machine was fragmentary, centralist, and superficial in its patterning of human relationships”. this statement entails technology relationship is helping us designers make work look prettier and have have more efficiently done.

hazards technological progress that can bring individuals humans do not study media meaning that there is not enough creativity done in technology. “The electric light escapes attention as a communication medium just because it
has no “content.” And this makes it an invaluable instance of how people fail to
study media at all”. there is no close analysis when humans look at media. it seems that in today media its only graphics and pictures and typography.

the role of an artist should be able to draw an audience or tell a story through words and pictures. artists should create messages by using their own expressions and how they feel. a designer subordantes info in the media distribute information by using conventional relationship between signifier and signified.