Language is the most important part of human connection. Although humans around the world have different forms of languages they are able to be translated and learned by others. The Languages that we see today have grown so far from their prehistoric symbols, signs, gestures, and later on written text. Language can be distinguished from other communication is by the system of verbal and non-verbal to send and receive from one & other. Throughout history, the language was a tool of communication that we use to keep a collection of information from history, story, and culture. Symbols are the most creative and flexible use of expressing human emotions and communicating them to others. Symbols are what sets apart cultures from one another and how they developed throughout the centuries.

General communication is a system that uses a design that delivers a function that speaks strongly for everyone. Some examples are signs like a crosswalk where a design of a person in the motion of walking sends a message to walk and a red hand in a position that sends a message to stop or halt from crossing the street.  Language shaped design historically is by creating a message that speaks to the audience and delivers that it easily communicates to everyone. 

The relationship between language and design in today’s culture is that as the time change more people changes their view on design, for example, the monster energy drink can. The design was the letter m transform to look like a monster claws mark. Unfortunately, a group of people who believe in the catholic religion views the can as anti-catholic that they would find symbols in the design that would find it demonic or satan. So it depends on the audience if the design and language work together but there will case that someone will view it differently from how you see it. 

-Daniel Rodriguez