Technology has greatly shaped and molded design into something different. It changed the role of designers for they are now “prosumers.” A prosumer is a term Dmitri Siegel uses in his blog entry on Design Observer. What he does with this term is merge the word producer and consumer. This term is used to describe designers now because now designers are now in charge of design, manufacture, and development.

    Designers use to just design the product and the next step goes on to someone else but now with technology this middle man has been cut out of the equation. It relates to the ideology of why have someone else do it for you when you can easily do it yourself, with new technology basically being the definition of convenience.Technology is basically everywhere now and there’s an app or program for just about anything. All of these different softwares put new tools into the hands of designers.

    Technology is also pushing designers to produce work that contains more different content. Before work would most create work for successful businesses and aesthetic practices. However now it is becoming common to also see the created works that contain contents relating to social justice. Content is slowly evolving to relate to designers’ new audiences. The digital world and its culture causes designers to rethink and adapt their designs so their message can come across to the new audience. This means that designers learn new techniques and gain new tools to create new different forms of work to adapt to this change in culture and society.