Jonathan Valero – March 17

Media and technology have been an extension for humans since the beginning of humanity itself cave men used spears as tools for hunting food and ancient wall painting were probably used to try and immortalize what they saw during that day or as a story telling tool. this is no different then us using a gun to hunt for food or for one of us to post on social media to talk about our recent vacation. The major difference between then and now is the scope of reach that technology now gives. Technology was only good for this that had it near them, a cave painting could be seen by maybe a handful of people but a photo taken to day and uploaded could be seen not only by hundreds if not thousands of people but now anyone on the planet could also see it. Technology has evolved to be able to spread and improve without borders.

This is however a double edged sword the main issue with technology that can work without laws and borders is that it works without law and borders. Not everything that gets shared should be shared, people have become accustom to having any information in the world in the palm of their hand that many have developed a sense of entitlement or lack of social awareness and lack of empathy online this also isn’t help by the fact its really easy to be anonymous and be able to simply avoid any consequences for actions.

Thankfully I feel the ones who can best use technology are those who can get attention and inspire those who look at their work artists are always putting up their work and that work is influenced  by older artists, so its basically a cycle that’s infinitely repeating but an issue with this is that it’s easy to lose track of who inspired who and have someone steal work and try to get profit and attention from someone else’s success so it comes to the community to keep itself in check and watch out for itself.


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