According to Walter Gropius, “A work of art depends on the talent of the individual who creates it”. This is true in some way, but what happens when the creator of such work of art only knows the fundamentals and has never explore past them. I believe in order for an artist to produce a wok of art that is meaningful to someone else and carries within some type of message, that artist needs to explore the outside world for answers.

The artist themselves need to be free and express however they need necessary or according to the current circumstances. This can apply to now a days when a designer takes classes according to their major or as ended to graduated. Some of us may not have the time for extra courses to feed our minds with new ideas, or some of us may not have the money to attend these new courses. Therefore we are limited to learning the fundamentals of design without exploring other branches of design itself.

With new technology emerging, most of the hand made designs become machine made. With this new technology I believe there is a loss in the essence of typography hand made with fresh ink, color etc. Herbert states “the manual skill and approach of the craftsman was seen to be inevitably replaced by mechanical techniques.” I understand the advancement of technology will progress throughout time and all we can do now is learn of adapt to it. We have to learn new skills in order to not be left behind in the field of design.