COMD3504 - Section OL06 - Fall 2020

Shylin Ferrera Assignment 1b

Design today has become a vast market, reliant in fast productions as well as a constant gamble for distinguishability. People are looking to be easily recognizable amongst a competitive market. A market, facilitated by rapidly emerging businesses thanks to the digital era we currently live in. Design professionals are the most aware of this market, constantly looking for methods to make them more unique, more distinctive, more individualized in the pursuit of their practice. Yet what are the designers’ practices?

Be it creation, convention, messaging, or promoting, each factor amounts to the sum of its parts. In a general sense, designers create and convey a message with intention. Be it for a client or themselves, a designer identifies a reason to produces work with their specific intent. It is the process of this that separates a designer from opposing fields. It is its extensive, hard-to-pin-down generalization that makes design so specific (the irony!).

It is with designs broad-ranging comprehensiveness that designers are given the monumental task of holding accountability for all that they do. The design process is akin to a podium set in front of a universal stage. To speak, to stare, to stay in silence is all considered a message. Designers today must carefully orchestrate a way to communicate their idea or clients’ ideas. However, this is where problems can arise. Designers face the uphill battle of being too cautious or not cautious enough. Despite this battle, creators take it upon themselves to constantly undergo this task, making them an integral part of today’s society. They answer the questions others would turn away from, in a way most unique to them. It is the power of said individuality that connects them to a broad audience, thereby spreading their ideas/ intentions.

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  1. Shylin Ferrera

    I apologize for the late upload. As I mentioned in class I had difficulties understanding the text, however, today’s discussion helped me greatly.

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