COMD3504 - Section OL06 - Fall 2020

Author: Sandra Jarro

Sandra Jarro Assignment 4 for September 23

According to Walter Gropius, “A work of art depends on the talent of the individual who creates it”. This is true in some way, but what happens when the creator of such work of art only knows the fundamentals and has never explore past them. I believe in order for an artist to produce a wok of art that is meaningful to someone else and carries within some type of message, that artist needs to explore the outside world for answers.

The artist themselves need to be free and express however they need necessary or according to the current circumstances. This can apply to now a days when a designer takes classes according to their major or as ended to graduated. Some of us may not have the time for extra courses to feed our minds with new ideas, or some of us may not have the money to attend these new courses. Therefore we are limited to learning the fundamentals of design without exploring other branches of design itself.

With new technology emerging, most of the hand made designs become machine made. With this new technology I believe there is a loss in the essence of typography hand made with fresh ink, color etc. Herbert states “the manual skill and approach of the craftsman was seen to be inevitably replaced by mechanical techniques.” I understand the advancement of technology will progress throughout time and all we can do now is learn of adapt to it. We have to learn new skills in order to not be left behind in the field of design.

Sandra Jarro Assignment 3 for September 16

From the first article I believe Marinetti envisions a big revolution as the new decades approaches. He mentions a lot more of destruction and war and wants the new revolution or artist to be wiling to promote that I their pieces. He mentions “Beauty exits only in struggle. There is no masterpiece that has an aggressive character.” However he also mentions “Poetry must be a violent assault on the forces of the unknown, to force them to vow before man.” Would this be him trying to say for artist to bring unknown topics or maybe ideas that people might stay away from or maybe people see some ideas as shameful?.

In the second article, Rodchenko mentions a lot more of the power of Graphic Design being an essential part in society. He together with his wife Stepanova “positioned artist as agents of social change standing at the center of a brave new world. He also mentions that technology wasn’t created by men but that men themselves or more like artist themselves learned to use technology accordingly for their benefit. He called themselves “Artists yesterday, constructors today”. However there was a line that he mentions where he said “Technology is the mortal enemy of art” I believe maybe he was trying to say that art being created by hand is more meaningful than created on screen. For example like a signature is more personal when created by hand than when you sign on a device.

Overall I believe Rochenko and Lissitzky would agree with each other when they talk about technology. Lissitzky sees technology as a helpful material to produce variations of the first invention. He also mentions “What we find, more or less, in the art of printing are masterly variations accompanied by technical improvement in the production of the instruments.’ Stating that technology as it helps with new variations, it will also help with improvements of these inventions. I believe without technology none of these inventions would be appreciated the way they are today. Art was transformed with technology because there are many new ways to create it and to promote it.

Sandra Jarro Assignment 2 for September 9

Language is a system of communication among each other either through writing or verbally. Language lets us understand society as well as create our own way of living. I say this because we all speak a different language and we are all defined by it. According to ¬†Sausurre‚Äôs “linguistic signs must be learned, like other styles of drawing, they are culturally specific.” In our cultures we are taught the significance of how to communicate within our society, the signs and symbols we must learn to incorporate in our daily lives, however this does not mean we can’t explore other languages around us and evolve as language evolves. Therefore according to Lupton-Miller “If¬†we¬†considered¬†language¬†in time, without¬†the¬†community¬†of¬†speakers‚ÄĒimagine an¬†isolated individual¬†living¬†for several¬†centuries‚ÄĒwe¬†probably¬†would¬†notice¬†no¬†change;”

Language in design is paying close attention to detail and understand how the elements in the design will speak to the viewer. In design, communication occurs through visual symbols, as opposed to verbal symbols, or words. Its is pretty much what we see instead of what we hear. A designers point of view can be expressed in their piece, however it could be interpreted very differently by anyone who is viewing the piece. Therefore it is very important for a designer to be straight to the point with what the message is, for example the designs of the male and female silhouettes as a representation of men and women bathrooms.

One key factor that designers should take in consideration when coming up with new ideas for new designs is the continuously change that language has and will go through. A designer must understand the forces that influence language to change over time and learn to address them accordingly. For example, the language we speak now is more alarming because of this whole issue with Covid-19. The language in designs should not alarm people but should inform of safety ways for them to take because as Sausurre‚Äôs said “for¬†people¬†are generally¬†satisfied¬†with¬†the¬†language they have¬†received.”


Sandra Jarro Assignment 1b for September 2

According to the authors design should be evolving as new technology emerges through out the years. Designers should be involving new techniques, new ways of thinking and including them in their designs. As Bruno Munari states “The artist must cast off the last rags romanticism and become active as a man among men, well up in present-day techniques, materials and working methods.” This implements such designers should re-think what their message and audience should be according to this new generation. Similarly Helen Armstrong states “Designers should learn for “The process of becoming a designer is focused largely on ‚Äúhow‚ÄĚ: how to use software, how to solve problems, how to organize information, how to get clients, how to work with printers, and so on.”

What distinguishes the field, or fields, of design from other creative occupations is that design is something that comes out from your inner self as something unique. The design you create gives you your own identity and makes you stand out from everyone else. According to Bruno Munari ” The designer is therefore the artist of today,… because he has the humility and ability to respond to whatever demand is made of him by the society in which he lives, because he knows his job, and the ways and means of solving each problem of design.” This refers as the different ways designers in different design occupations have the ability to do their jobs the best way possible.

Technology has played a major role in shaping design professions. As technology advances new jobs have been created and its way easier for designers to promote their new ideas out to the world. For example, all social media platforms are a big influence in todays world. Everyone and anyone can come in contact with new trends, or establish new trends to the public. Together with new inventions, new software programs, it is easier for anyone to learn on their own and create something new. Due to these new inventions I believe designers have very high competition among each other. In oder to establish a trend one must know their target audience and how big of an influence this new trend could be. Therefore designers must incorporate what is happening now in the world and use it as research when creating their own piece of art work.