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Michael Muller

So the artist that I’ve chosen is Michael Muller. His works deals with a great number of entertainment, and portraits. To my surprise this photographer is responsible for the great photos of many of my favorite movies. one of the photographs that stood out to me is the Sons of Anarchy Photo. with the objects and background, the lines they’re creating focuses the photo towards the man and the bike which are in the right of the image. what also makes it stand out the contrast between the background and the man himself. with the contrast, it brings the attention even more towards the man.

Homework #1

Select a photographer from:
Explore their work and choose your favorite image by that photographer. Create an OpenLab post including the photo and explain why you were drawn to that photo, and what you feel makes it a great photograph. Include any of the information you’ve learned about the rules of composition in relation to how that photo was made. Be prepared to discuss at the beginning of next class.