The culture at  Hashtag Lifestyle is very comfortable. The company rents out an office space at a larger location called Projective Space.  Here there are a number of areas one can work at.  Sometimes I can get my work done from a lounge area with couches and small tables, other times at a desk/ cubicle area.  There is also a kitchen area where one can eat at or prep their lunch, and also get some coffee, tea, water. The attire here is semi-casual. This makes things very comfortable for me as a designer. I can come to work in jeans which is helpful for the days I stay longer to get my work done. Most days I come in at 12 and will stay until 6; other days are later days and I won’t leave the office until 8.  There is flexibility with hours which is very convenient when working with multiple clients. It allows the freedom to stay as long as needed to get work done as well as be comfortable due to the casual environment.