I have been learning a lot at Hashtag Lifestyle. My boss encourages me to take notes of terms and concepts she uses when describing some of the business side of this company. Most importantly, one of the most beneficial things I’ve learned is all the prep and strategy that goes on in order to create the best design concepts. For example, I have learned to use websites that help me get data on a particular brands social media. With this information, I can use it store and notice what has been working for a brand vs. what hasn’t. This allows me as a designer to see what is the next step necessary for the brand. I can then create vision boards for what I (or my boss) sees as an improvement for this brand. Additionally, although I have already known the importance of research prior to starting a design, being at this internship has really implemented how necessary this is.  With social media being so easily accessible to anyone, it is important to see what is already out there, what helps identify a brand, and what I can use as inspiration for the current client. For example, content pillars, is an important term and idea I’ve learned. This is where you list all the categories of content you believe should be shown for the brand; this allows for you to focus on specific areas and make sure you pull enough inspiration so that the company knows what direction to go in visually.  I have also learned things on my own through trial and error. For example, some photo editing I was working on, mock ups, and other things. I went into the project using a method I am familiar with and after a while in I started to find better and faster ways to produce my current tasks.

Additionally, although it is confidential, my boss has let me see the social media brand identity file for Bacana (wine client). This is the file that is given to the client with the entire strategy that is built for the brand.  I have learned a lot from this because it breaks down all the essential parts of creating an identity for the brand and allows for the client to see where your vision is coming from and going.  This is also helpful for establishing budgets which is crucial when having your own business.

Another very interesting thing I have been able to do at Hashtag Lifestyle was to sit in on an interview. My boss was holding an interview for a content photographer and I was able to sit in and watch her conduct the interview.  This was a great learning experience because I was able to pay attention to important questions that are asked throughout an interview without having to worry about giving an answer. It allowed me to view the interview as a conversation which is helpful for my own growth at any other interviews I may have in the future.