At Non- profit organization I learn so much. The most important thing I learn was time management, finishing project on time and being time on meeting. Big part of learning was keeping the organization organized. Also I learn community outreach which help me to develop my self confident and help to communicate with others. It was significant learning new things such as typewriter, mailing training, and audience photography. Overall my internship gave me more confident and more knowledge.


As a graphic designer images are need in design work.In the past when I had use images form different site I made sure to cite and give credit under the images. Also I would of make sure the images don’t have copyright. Then I would of buy it. Most of the time I like taking the images for my own project.  I use the images for design idea but I don’t directly use an image.Also I make sure to cite the website .  If I have use an images then it for educational purpose not for commercial purpose.  Also I make sure to cite the website .

After reading the AGIA Ethical guideline ,  guide to design, photography and illustration. I think it very important to cite the website and cite images. Give credit each images your using because you never know when it could effect you. Now I will be more aware when I am using an image. Those guideline helps a lot to stay out of copyright  and giving credit. In my opinion the  best way  is using own images will be safe.

My opinion about  Shepard Fairey copyright case is Shepard Fairey should of give credit for the Obama hope poster. Before even using the poster he should of see if the image had an copyright. The best way he could of use it by getting permission. Also he should of acknowledge where the Obama hope poster came form. Even changing the style of an image it still not enough to say it your own work. Form the Shepard Fairey case I learn I should always acknowledge where is the images coming form and if there is an copyright and first able get permission before using an image.




A) At my Internship they don’t use images form online. The images are taken by members and when ever the images get used in the guide to patrons or in magazine the person gets credit. Each member who take photography of the organization  or events has their own folder save with images to get credit. They don’t use any images form different sites. For flyer or poster are illustration. Students come up with ideas and then design their own. The company logo doesn’t have any images. It very straight forward and also created it by members.


AIGA Business_Ethics 47556770-Use-of-photography-1-MB

AIGA Busines_Ethics 47556733-Use-of-illustrations-1-MB

B) I didn’t had to sign a confidentially or non-disclosure agreement for their internship site. This non-profit organization doesn’t have a website they are more physical.  My works that I design it for education purpose. I don’t use it for commercial purpose.

AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB

Additional Links on Ethics in Graphic Design

AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB

My last day

I am working at the non-profit organization. Today is my last day of working at the non-profit organization.  I was working on a magazine for spring 2019. The images I used was taking by me. I was ask to design the layout. The layout was to highlight the performance main part of the event. Also I was working on holiday card. It was to come up with a design that shows printing press. It was Challenging project.This was great experience I had fun every week it was something different design to work with. I gain experience helping client. I gain real world experience.

My role model

I am working at non-profit organization. Durning this internship after meeting my supervisor I consider her my role model. I look up to her as hard person. She is very supportive. She inspire member to help other member and community. She is down to earth. She is very serious about her work and very hardworking. She is very helpful to everyone. She take her times to explain until you understand what you have to do. She treat every member with respect. She taught me to fight for own voice and how to help the community. She is very professional and very inspiring.

Event Open house


This week I was working on display for the open house.There were more display that was there that I worked on for the International Women’s Day. All the display was there to show the new guest or members about what Women’s Press Collective has done before and now. Today  I was working on sign up sheet for the guest and members. Also working on signs and poster for the open house. Meeting new people in the open house was a great experience and talking to them.I got give them my business card.It was a very friendly and nice environment everyone got to share their experience .


I am working in non-profit organization . I will give myself 3.5 because I was always time and I did my project or getting work done on time. Also I was trying my best to understand the organization. And the poster I did was on the event. Also the images I took are used in the non-profit organization magazine. Also when there was a outreach I was able to stop more people and explain what we are doing and we want to give a community a voice. Overall it was really inspiring .I understood how the organization works.

community outreach

This  is my 5th week of working at the non- profit- organization. My first time doing community outreach .First I was nervous and shy to stop people and pitch them. After my supervisor trained me with pitching. I was little confident. After talking to few people I was very comfortable and I got to know about how people think and how people want to help to change the world. I also got the chance to give my business card out. Also I got experience of public speaking. It was great day for lunch my supervisor prepare for members and I also bring my culture food for the members.



I am working at non-profit organization. This is a collaborative project for International Women’s Day event. Team work is very helpful getting getting feedback form each others helps a lot to improve. The team work was to be done at work. Working as team was another experience I gain. It was helpful because to know what to agree with and disagree.  A typical day at the internship is fun. Each of us get to help each other and get feed back and do lunch together.  Also we help each other to get the work done and move to a next client or next undone work.

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