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  1. Redon Rexha says:

    I don’t understand when you wrote ” turn construction into a green area”. I think you need to be more specific. But other than that, its good.

    • Thanks for your comment Redon, I’m agree with you and yes I think we should be more specifc, but basecally what We means by ”turn construction into a green area” is that the construction site under the bridge could serve as a little park and the conection to the other next to it, this could make a path or could be a clue for people to know or to get to the the waterfront. Also that space could be very convenient to install the Bluehouse Water System ( A system to get sustainable water )

  2. For your liabilities, I was curious why do you think the use of boat ties is a negative impact to the site, because I know reasons why it would be an asset to the area but I like that you did not think it was. Also I totally understand why you mentioned there was no no sewage system, but I think you meant there is a poor sewage system and not that there is no sewage system because there is. It’s just that it’s not a very good one. I think your idea of adding trash bins is great, and do you think you should add trash bins like every amount of feet or just in areas that food will be around.

    • mehransadiq says:

      Hey Jennifer,
      Thx for pointing out the sewer system, ur right there was a sewer system, it was just a bad system. The reason we decided to put the boat ties as a liability was because of the boat ties martial it would get extremely hot due to sun and get very cold in the winter, so it would be very uncomfortable to sit down on.

  3. Roderick says:

    Overall I enjoyed your presentation, however are you guys sure there are no sewer system/trash system in the area? That sounds unlikely. Also my group was thinking about creating an artifical pond/lake where rain water could be stored and reused for the trees in the area. Could possibly be connected to the rain water collecting system they currently have. Just a farfetched idea for you guys to think about.

    • Hi Roderick,
      We focused on this section under the Manhattan Bridge and tried to improve a few things. But to answer your question, our group should have picked better words then no sewer system. We should have written improve sewer system and add additional trash and recycling cans. These are just two things we thought we can improve. The pond/lake idea you mentioned is a great one. We also kept that in mind and are thinking of adding a water management system like the one we saw by the pier. Its one of our ideas to water the trees and bushes we would like to add along with our other designs in this area.
      Good luck
      Thank You
      Team 6-Sustainability

  4. Annette Veliz says:

    I think as your next steps you guys should consider detailing all the sustainable ways the park has already adapted (ex. rain water collective system use to water lawn, solar panel, shades system in the Jane carousel, etc) and maybe research other sustainable ways that can be incorporated while the construction is in progress. Explain how is this helpful to the environment.

    • tupayachi says:

      Some of the sustainable ways that you mention we have added to the assets because we think they are important points . I did not think to use the carousel as a sustainable way before but it is a good idea , we can implement it with photovoltaic panels. We will research and add details to improve green areas. Thanks a lot Annette .

  5. Overall you guys explained your topic, but would like to see more pictures for a few of the slides they weren’t any just words. Would like to see more on liabilities becuase not only plants. Nice description of assets.

    • Thanks for your comment Anthony. In a way Im agree with you, and I say in a way because maybe you didn’t notice that the pictures you thought were missing in some of the slides, they were really there ,,,,,, what we did was placing most of the pictures on the photos slide, creating a collage with all them so we don’t end up with repeated pictures or pictures out of topic, we also had a little description on them so people can know what are they really about. But for next time I assume that instead of putting them in a collage we should place it individually so people could understand each slide better.

  6. dbatista says:

    Design Strategy – Applying turbines below the river to to generate power for the piers/park at night and any daytime use.

  7. Really like the addition of all the photos. It helps convey your design strategies and thoughts. By you guys adding such little details line animated arrows, it shows how much more thought went into your powerpoint. I think I like yours the best out of everyone presented! Great job!

  8. Hey guys, just had a quick question. You claim you would re-use the material from the buildings that are demolished. What did you guys have in mind? Something similar to the existing materials, or something completely different?

  9. shycior hung says:

    liked the first slides. But need to work more both of the design and circulation strategies as well as climate. Dont think of just shade. trees and tress.

  10. Redon Rexha says:

    Everything looks correct. I also want to point out the fact that you used Fauna as one of your liabilities.

  11. shycior hung says:


    please take a look at this website. for those who are thinking to demolish either of the old buildings. Little did you know, there are 91 old buildings landmarked by the city. You might take a different approach towards your design strategies.

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