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13 Responses to 05.LandUse-Zoning

  1. Redon Rexha says:

    What do you mean by the historical site route?

  2. There are areas that show statues, buildings, etc that have historical meaning, so that can be a route that tourists can take on there way to the waterfront.

  3. juli says:

    love all the pictures in your slide i think it helps show and understand all of your ideas. the only problem is I am having trouble with the routes. Color coordination would help on the map and maybe you can bring some routes together so people can intertwine and have an historic route and a shopping route. This can help money flow within the neighborhood and more people start to occupy the area while seeing the history.

  4. shycior hung says:

    The PM presentation does not look finished and stayed to topic. It is repeating what other team topics went over on their slides. If your topic was land/zoning, perhaps it would have good to research the NYC Zoning government data online for the downtown brooklyn. Also be more specific to your topic. What would be the benefits of certain land areas. Research what is zoning if you do not know what it is. For the observation slides, It is better to stick with the bullets and be more specific about LAND/ZONING topic of concern. We are not over repeating inventory from other teams. As for the photos it would have been better to select areas on the related topic based on inventory, assets and liabilities. I did not see your design strategies focused to the topic.

  5. Daniel says:

    A friend of mine is a landscape architect and taught me that you should use organic fertilizers and compost for the land. By doing this, the soil gains nutrients and the park ground becomes a healthier area for living. I used this in my presentation but I have no problem sharing. You could always elaborate a bit more on it since it fits your topic

  6. dbatista says:

    Design Strategy – Applying turbines to the river bed to generate power for the commercial / industrial / and residential zones.

  7. shycior hung says:

    For the AM presentation, you need to be focused on the downtown brooklyn overall not just the waterfront areas. You need to answer the questions of the nearby buildings, more specific of the current land uses, how will you able to improve based on the actual conditions. I do not see you guys worked fully as a team sharing ideas based on your writings. It seemed like 1 person did the whole thing. I will consider to review the whole thing one more time

  8. juli says:

    The pm project i liked your ideas for the open areas and design strategies. As for maybe a climate circulation path for the summer, if you can direct the path closer to the water that might be helpful. This might make people more likely to come to the area when its hot because there is a nice breeze from the water. Also it draws attention to the park area and distracts people from feeling hot.

  9. As far as the first presentation goes, what type of entrance were you guys thinking? You state that it would be a “classic look and feel.” What exactly does that entail? Do you have any suggestions, or examples of something that would influence you?

  10. shycior hung says:

    As far the first presentation goes as well. You are mentioning trees and trees and plants to enhance the beauty of the neighborhood and provide shade. If talking about trees, you might need to mention what types of trees either coniferous or deciduous. What about circulation strategies and climate? I did not see your strategies to improve the circulation of the overall neighborhood and how climate might affect circulation Think how you might be able to propose an improvement of the current uses of the land in the area.

  11. shycior hung says:

    Hello guys. I am in the sustainability group. We actually want to know your ideas for the different types of open spaces your group is having to work in sync with your groups. Since every group is choosing different areas of focus and at the end all the presentations will be combined to find cohesiveness of ideas. We are planning a sustainable approach for an open space in Dumbo neighborhood.

  12. shycior hung says:


    please take a look at this website. for those who are thinking to demolish either of the old buildings. Little did you know, there are 91 old buildings landmarked by the city. You might take a different approach towards your design strategies.

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