Writing assignment 1. My Brooklyn


After watching My Brooklyn, write a two-page-long movie review that focuses on two topics. First, research to learn about gentrification both broadly and in the New York City context. In the first paragraph, include 1) what gentrification “scholarly” means, and 2) why it is important to research. In the second paragraph, discuss who is harmed by and who benefits from gentrification. Give examples of the respective losses and benefits.

Possible reading materials

This assignment is due by 02/26 (11:59 pm) via Blackboard.

How will this assignment be graded?

    • This essay consists of 10% of your total grade; and will be graded on the following elements. Note: do not forget to properly cite any references
      • Content
        • Double-check if the questions in the prompt are properly addressed (see below): Read the suggested chapters and article. This is your checklist
        • The first part
          • Scholarly definition of gentrification is included (15pts).
          • Research results in gentrification broadly and New York City: how and why gentrification happen (10pts).
          • Significance of gentrification studies is explained: why is it important to study gentrification (15pts).
        • The second part
          • Victims and beneficiaries of gentrification are identified (20 pts).
          • Examples of losses and benefits of gentrification are presented (15pts).
        • Appendix
          • Include the screenshot of the documentary (5 pts).
        • Presentation (Total 20 points)
          • If 2 page criteria is adhered (5 pts).
          • If font and spacing are correct (5 pts). 
            • 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. 
          • If references are properly cited (5 pts).
          • Appropriate grammar and punctuation for the project and demonstrate extensive proofreading (5 pts).

Off-campus access 

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Step 2. Once you click “WATCH NOW,” you will see two options. Click “Find your university.”

Step 3. Type City Tech and choose New York City College of Technology. Step 4. Now you have access to Kanopy through CUNY City Tech. Click “Log in to City Tech.”Step 5. You will see this pop-up window and should enter CUNYFirst ID and Password and click “Log in.” We  used to use City Tech Lib barcode, but they changed it to CUNYFirst credentials. 

Step 6. Click “SKIP.” You do not have to sign up.

Step 7. Enjyo this documentary!

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