In our agency, Cypress hills local development Corporation , we work with High school students in our student success center and college students in College Steps. In both places we have Peer Counselors called Youth Leaders and College Coaches, they are called coaches for short. With the counselors being busy through the year the Coaches are only trained once a year, full day training. What tends to happen is they forget the main objectives and constantly ask the counselors how to do things. This happens because many youth leaders are still learning how to do the task that is handed to them. Every student’s situation is different so since they don’t have practice they can don’t know what to do. More training are needed but there isn’t money in the budget or time on the counselor’s hands to do these training. There needs to be something easy and quick that can answer the questions of the Coaches. Taking the needs of the agency into context, I have decided to create a cheat sheet on what you need to know as a coach. Something short and general to be available to all coaches. It will be a little pamphlet that will be handed out to every coach and be posted on the wall to be visible. I want to focus on 3 topics on how to be a coach. The goal of this project is to have the coaches knowledgeable enough so they don’t need further assistance in doing their task. This will ultimately will allow them to be self-sufficient within their work space. I expect to have all the coaches able to complete their task with full competence. I want the coaches to have the confidence in being knowledgeable.