Cypress hills local development corporation is where I intern at the SSC site. Through College Success Programs, we help young adults and high school students apply to and enter college and succeed once they get there. The SSC is located on Franklin K Lane campus and provides college access counseling and education to students at the four schools on the campus. The SSC also employees Youth Leaders, current high school students trained to serve as peer counselors and educators around college access. Our college persistence program provides year round support service to help our student persist in college and graduate. College Retention counselors, along with college coaches (who are current college students), provide support services including: on-campus office hours at colleges our student attend., summer programming to help students prepare for college, and group workshops on topics such as how, to discuss concerns with professor, accessing academic assistance, finical literacy, resume writing and job readiness.

In our agency we work with High school students in our student success center and college students in College Steps. I help students achieve success in college through empowerment and application process such as financial aid. I assist 9-12 grades through the process of applying to college and workshop to prepare them to be socially and emotionally prepared.