Code of ethics such as responsibility to self relates to the commitment and value of lifelong learning. Human service professionals should be aware of their own cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values, and biases. They should acknowledge the possible impact of their backgrounds on the relationships they have with others and work carefully to provide culturally competent service to all of their clients. They strive to create and maintain healthy personal growth to ensure that they are capable of giving the best service to clients. When they find that they are physically, emotionally, psychologically, or otherwise not able to offer such services, they identify alternative services for clients. Human service professionals hold a commitment to lifelong learning and continually advance their knowledge and skills to serve clients more effectively. This reflects to my professional goals because I want to make sure I know myself so I can better help the clients I work with. This is something I will contstanlty be growing in. I am learning about myself every day in the field. I dont know what are my vaules ore belifs until I am confronted on it. I think I need to grow and develop my perspective.

CUNY Hunter the one-year residency program a work-study program designed to provide access to graduate social work study to full-time social service workers. Individuals are eligible to apply if they have completed at least two years of full-time successful employment in a social service agency at the time of application and if the current social service employer agrees to provide a field placement internship approved by the School during the student’s second year in the program.  The field placement internship takes place in the agency in which the student is employed. The total field placement internship is competed in the residency year. Students usually complete the 60 credit program in five semesters plus two intervening summers. This intrests me because I already work in the field and I can gain my Master’s while working. Also, I want to be a directior of an agency and I will need to have a degree to do so.

Certification is The Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service is a premier cross-sector leadership development program for early-career public service professionals in New York City. Through the fellowship, a diverse group of approximately 30 emerging leaders each year gain valuable experience and exposure to a range of career exploration activities that will help them define their public service path. This will give me a better understanding on how to be a leader in my field.

The benifit of continuing my eductaion is I will be able to advance and build on the knowledge I have. Also, can build more networks. I can go further in my career and field with furthering my education. Challenges are how do I pay for the programs? I dont want to take out loans. I cant afford this. Not being prepared to advance. There are alot of things to take into consideration when thinking of continuing my eduuation.