Projects in the Works!

First Year Learning Community!!

I’m excited to participate in my “first” First Year Learning Community (FYLC) in Fall 2019!  I will teach LAW 1101 (Introduction to Paralegal Studies) as a FYLC with Prof. Carrie Hall who will teach the same students ENG 1101 (English Composition I) in back-to-back sessions to maximize the “interdisciplinarity” of the community.  The title of our Community is “Fight for Your Rights!” and it will focus on developing strong professional and legal writing skills that our students can apply to the signature assignments of LAW 1101 such as resumes and cover letters.  Check out FYLC’s OpenLab site here!  Here is a letter from the FYLC Team describing my work with FYLC in Spring 2019.

New course proposal: Legal History of Fashion!

In collaboration with Prof. Alyssa Adomaitis of the Business Department and the History faculty of the Social Science department, I have developed a new Interdisciplinary Course titled “The Ugly Side of Fashion: History of U.S. Fashion Law, 20th Century Through The Present” (HIS2708).  We have proposed the course to be offered starting Fall 2020.  This legal history course traces the development of U.S. fashion law from the twentieth century through the present, in three areas: intellectual property (e.g., trademarks and counterfeiting), employment (safety, wages, workplace dress), and constitutional rights (freedoms of religion and expression).  Students will study the historical contexts of the legal developments in each of these areas, including the relevant social, political, economic, and other circumstances, in order to understand the developments more clearly.  It is a Writing Intensive course.  We will also apply for an Interdisciplinary Course (ID) designation for the course.  If that designation is awarded, this proposal will be particularly beneficial to Law and Paralegal Studies Baccalaureate students because it will provide them with an option for fulfilling the critical ID course requirement that has the additional benefit of enhancing their knowledge within their discipline.  We hope the course, and the ID designation, get approved!!