Current semester (F20)

This semester, I’m teaching LAW 1101 and 1103 as part of a First Year Learning Community (FYLC).  As the FYLC OpenLab site explains, a FYLC consists of two courses with the same students, in which faculty and students collaborate in various ways such as topics and assignments, all centered around an interdisciplinary theme.  My “partner” class is Prof. Carrie Hall’s ENG 1101 class, First Year Writing.  The theme of our FYLC is “Fight for Your Rights!” because legal practice is all about fighting for RIGHTS, and WRITING is a practitioner’s most powerful tool!  Here’s the combined syllabus and here is an example of a collaborative assignment in which we used an essay the students read and discussed in their English class as the foundation for an exercise in our Law class on “issue-spotting,” a key skill for any legal practitioner.  For samples of students’ work, please see our OpenLab site.