Student Learning

This page includes (anonymous) samples of students’ work, many of which include my written comments.

“Who I Am” assignment

On the first day of class, in all courses that I teach, I like to give an assignment called “Who I Am.”  I ask students to write  It is a low-stakes assignment that I grade on a done/not done basis, and it has two purposes: first,  ask students to write 1-2 pages addressing (1) why they are in the Law and Paralegal Studies program and/or that particular class, and (2) something (else) interesting about them as “human beings,” separate from their interest in law, such as something they like to do.  It is a low-stakes assignment that I grade on a “submitted/not submitted” basis, and it serves three purposes for me: first, to find out my students’ legal interests, so I can address them in our classes; second, to find out (a little bit about) who my students are, as people; and third, to get a preliminary sense of their writing ability.

Here are a couple of samples by students in my Introduction to Paralegal Studies class (LAW 1101) in Fall 2019.  These students, and most of the students in that class, are just starting their college career and their studies of law.  They have big dreams!  I am confident they will achieve them.  F19 “Who I Am” sample 1 and sample 2