This was my final week at Calling All Graphics, we had the week of Thanksgiving off. We had finished central market and even created digital boards for Village Market. I had chosen the pasta board and similar to the central market client, village wanted images incorporated into their boards. They didn’t have any visuals for us so I had to look for images on the internet that closely followed the pasta dishes. These boards were going to be used similar to promotional boards in order entice customers to come in and order. I didn’t know what to write into the board in order to draw someone in but I had the idea to go with a pasta pun.

After that project was done I had created a flyer for Covid-19 testing site and helped marla adjust a website that she created for a client on SquareSpace. It was an easy work week and I was honored to have been able to partake in this Internship. I can truly say that I learned from Marla and I was also able to provide some knowledge as well.