I’m closing in on the end of my Internship, I’m at 110 hours and 30 minutes, pretty accurate time keeping if I should say so myself. Marla needed us to finish the boards for Central Market so this is still a collaboration project. We have moved onto the sandwiches of the menu with my coworker doing the hot breakfast sandwiches and I’m am moving from the fry corner to the signature sandwiches.  There are a total of 8 sandwiches for the signature sandwich board and the client has requested that pictures accompany the menu items. This board was going to be a challenge because the images the client had provided weren’t labeled based off what the item was. It was difficult to tell what image what contained what sandwich, the only way Marla and I were able to identify some sandwiches was by seeing if the visuals matched the description of the sandwiches. We opted to separate the 8 sandwiches into 2 separate boards of 4 sandwiches and each one would include one distinct image that highlighted one of the sandwiches on each board.