When reading the ethical guidelines presented by AIGA there was a section titled “The Designer’s Responsibility to Clients”. The section lists what a professional designer would and would not do when working on a project set by the client. When working with a client it is important to ensure that you follow what is set in the brief and make sure you are working in a client’s best interests.

Working at my internship and working on various client projects I wanted to let the creativity flow, however, I  had to respect the guidelines that were set. If they had wanted a complementary color scheme on top of a black background instead of a textured background then I would abide by their requests because it is important to respect a client’s needs as they respect our skills to do the work. Another point made within the AIGA guidelines was to keep the project from the client confidential from the public until its completion. Though I am working on different projects for many restaurants, it would be unethical to show work to fellow designers before the project had been concluded.