For my networking event I chose to attend Adobe Max’s “Learning Premiere Pro Basics in One Hour” hosted by Josh Olufemii. The event took place from 2pm to 3pm and while I do admit that I was attending the online event in my final minutes of work it was necessary for me to take in the info being provided as soon as possible. The event was for beginners to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and following along with video clips he had supplied to create a basketball video. I have used Premier Pro before for a video class but I regrettably I forgot what I had learned especially since it was one class and that was a year ago in the Spring 2020 semester. The event allowed me to re-learn the basics because I would be applying those skills to work and to specifically to my senior project.

It was a good thing I attended the event because Josh had made a point, he had said that video was going to become a big thing and it would be beneficial to our careers if we understood the process as well as obtained video editing skills. I made the decision to place a video as my second channel for the multimedia version of my campaign in Senior Project and I came to that decision after reflecting on what trended during the pandemic. Companies took to social media with virtual campaigns to reach their audiences because it was safer and convenient and do restrictions are starting to lossen up, my video would still be present on social media pages and online platforms.

(the screen share from Josh Olufemii through the Adome Max website)