Combined Saturation- Assignment #4

This final assignment, i believe it was difficult to do because i have to combined all of the saturation like prismatic, chromatic gray, and muted colors. The concept of this design, i have to illustrate of something that involves evolution. So designed a forrest that would transform into buildings or cities. I think that in the beginning of this assignment it was hard at first due to mixing a large variety of colors. what i learn from this so far is that i know what colors to mix in order to get a certain color or creation saturation. 

Chromatic Gray- Assignment #4

In This Assignment, i was experimenting on mixing gouache paints, by desaturating the colors. Creating a dark grayish  color or also known as chromatic gray. In this design, i was mixing and desaturating colors from violet to yellow, creating some sort of brown color and later mixing the color with white. I also mixed blue and yellow to make a green color, then i desaturated it with more blue, creating a dark green.