Shifting Hue- Assignment #5

In this part of the assignment, its similar to the color interaction design. In this assignment, we just have to change the hue of the color. Basically the same concept but different colors. Using illustrator and selecting different colors to see which fits. I think this is assignment was fun because there are a lot of varieties of colors to make this design. What i have learned so far is combining saturation and hue to create a design that can trick the critic’s eyes

Added Value- Assignment #3








These two are my “Added Value” work, one work is painted and the other work is made in college. As for the college, i printed a portrait of myself and cut it into different pieces. Then i mixed the pieces up and placed them in different areas on a drawn 6×6 box in inches. For the painted work, i drew the images to match the collage and then i used black and white gouache paint. I Think this assignment was quite difficult for me to work on, because the color mixture to get the exact match from the collage.  I wasn’t quite sure what was i doing a little bit. I’m too focused on putting between high-key and low-key.

The second Added Value work is my digital composition worked on photoshop. The measurement is also 6×6 in inches. I believe this work is much easy because of my experience with designing work or projects on my computer. Although i think i could have put more effort into my work because it seems too easy to look at.

In the next project, i should try to put ore effort into my work and try to find extra time to make it happen.

A view from my window- Assignment #1

My name is kochatorn Boonmark, and this is an assignment called “A view from my window.” The image you see above, is my inked thumbnail sketch and composition. There were ups and downs as i was working on this thumbnail, the downside was gathering the materials to use for this assignment. Although i managed to finish it on time, i feel that i could do better than this. If i could, i will have to manage my time in order to meet my expectations for this assignment.