Shifting Hue- Assignment #5

In this part of the assignment, its similar to the color interaction design. In this assignment, we just have to change the hue of the color. Basically the same concept but different colors. Using illustrator and selecting different colors to see which fits. I think this is assignment was fun because there are a lot of varieties of colors to make this design. What i have learned so far is combining saturation and hue to create a design that can trick the critic’s eyes

Color Interaction- Assignment #5

In this Assignment, i was assigned to design a color interaction that creates an illusion for the viewer’s eyes. I could paint it or design it digitally on the computer, i chose to design the color interaction digitally in illustrator. If i were to do the assignment in paint, i could only do two color interactions but i’m doing this digitally so i have to design four color interactions. The process of creating this design is really easy, At first i added guides in illustrator to measure and balance out my work. Then i used the rectangle tool to create my interactions from 2×2 to 1/2×1/2. After that, i used the swatch or color guide to choose different colors for my interactions.