Added Value- Assignment #3








These two are my “Added Value” work, one work is painted and the other work is made in college. As for the college, i printed a portrait of myself and cut it into different pieces. Then i mixed the pieces up and placed them in different areas on a drawn 6×6 box in inches. For the painted work, i drew the images to match the collage and then i used black and white gouache paint. I Think this assignment was quite difficult for me to work on, because the color mixture to get the exact match from the collage.  I wasn’t quite sure what was i doing a little bit. I’m too focused on putting between high-key and low-key.

The second Added Value work is my digital composition worked on photoshop. The measurement is also 6×6 in inches. I believe this work is much easy because of my experience with designing work or projects on my computer. Although i think i could have put more effort into my work because it seems too easy to look at.

In the next project, i should try to put ore effort into my work and try to find extra time to make it happen.

High-key and Low-key- Assignment #3

These two pictures, high-key and low-key. The image showing the dark corners and a bright window is best describe as a low-key because of the darkness surrounding the window and its the main focal point. As for the image of the book bag, it shows the High-key since there are barely dark areas showing and its mostly light.