MAT1275 D218

Professor Kan, Spring 2024

Exam #1 is on Thursday, March 7, 10am

You can find the review sheet by clicking here. I reuploaded a new version of the review sheet on Thursday afternoon. The new version has an answer key and 2 extra problems. If you have the old version, scrap it and download the new one. Sorry!

Please arrive on time to ensure you have the most amount of time possible! The exam will end at 11:40am.

If you are in need of some help, click here for tutoring information.

Class on Tuesday 2/13 is Online

Class will run on the same time: 10am – 11:40am


  • Use your name.  If you are using someone else’s device, please change the name to  your own.  I  will be using this for attendance purposes.
  • Mute your mics unless you want to ask a question.
  • You may leave your camera on or off, but I would prefer you kept it on so I know you are present.
  • Class will be recorded.
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