Voting poster


this is a voting poster i made to explain and show that every vote counts and all black people should vote because of the hardships we faced to be allowed to vote reason why the black panther fist is in the background. the power is in your hands


This is the same joker Quote but i wanted to give more of a darker feeling and to show a person thinking about madness and all it needs is a little push till he breaks.


This quote came from the movie “Dark knight”; the character Joker said this to show and reveal that theirs madness in everyone. I used a photo of him to show that he said the quote and also show a dark feeling when u see this picture.

Felix, Sonic and Betty Boop Painting by Sara Chelou


Sara Chelou paints on the “Wall of Love” in France to express “nice, lovely, happy and positive” feelings so she paints cartoon characters like Felix the cat, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Betty Boop. The attack on France (by isis) on November 2015, Changed her as she says“I used to make street art for political reasons, and suddenly I’ve seen the importance of street art to make memories,”. I as a person like street art and the beauty of it, but in Sara Chenlou i like how she specific colors (bright colors) and characters to express positive feelings even though paris went through a hard point in time, she still tries to stay positive.


video game design

This piece is made by a student named Dan Rutkowski. I like this work because he forced on video game design. The picture above is an image of the video game character and the name of it. As a person who likes video games this caught my eye as soon as i saw his work. I like how he design the area where the game takes place (looks like a wasteland), i like how he designed the weapons and vehicles; it reminds me of a game called gears of war and it also reminds me of the movie Matrix’s. I also notices he draws and drew his character before he made it on the computer.