– There are no page numbers: We use numbers now to know where we left off or to find something we’re looking for.
– Illustrated Text: The initial letter seems to be used to separate paragraphs and they are hand drawn with intricate design/details. Much of the illustration used now is digital
– Separation of text: There is no separation between paragraphs or where something ends.
– The use of colors to fill in text isn’t done anymore, and the use of colors are more so with educational books or media spreads. 

– The text in columns: Usually the format with columns of text are used in magazines or newspapers.
– Big initial lettering: Although it is not apparent in every paragraph, some books do contain chapters with a big initial letter size.
– There seems to be some form of commentary or text on the side which can be found income educational books or even us when we like to notate notes.
– The margins space is reduced much smaller depending on the book but it’s still used when deciding where to place text.