After watching/reading Dr. King’s Drum Major Speech, it gave me something to think about. It resonated with me because through observation I was able to see much more within people and society. The message within the speech was meaningful and powerful. He talked about the Drum Major instinct that we all have within us. This instinct is equal to the basic drive of human life and therefore when it comes to advertisers, we are taken by the persuasion. The Drum Major instinct is our sense in wanting to be better than the other and being the first or gaining attention. In terms of advertisement, he mentions how we are taken by it and even buy the products sold to us, because we would want a better car or a better home or have the latest product. It was an interesting analogy that he also intertwined with religious beliefs as well. 

After watching the RAM commercial, I can understand the intent of using part of his speech. Maybe it was controversial because it was a truck/car commercial, and the speech was much more than that. I neither hate it nor love it, but I understand the meaning as a whole.