Jennifer Humala

Hello there!!

My name is Jennifer Humala and I am a freelance artist based in New York City. I have experience in digital filmmaking as a director and sound designer. Working on multiple film sets and gaining hands-on training with AV (audio and visual) equipment has led me to improve on time management, organization, and experience working in a fast paced environment. Working on new projects gives me the chance to challenge myself and has encouraged me to pursue different interests.

That being said, I am still a freelance artist in New York and I am currently a student at the New York City College of Technology pursuing a BFA in Communication Design. At City Tech, I am able to pursue my interest in digital media and visual communication. I’ve gained a new found love for typography and I continue to enhance my skills in motion graphics and photography. Going through a creative process from doodles to thumbnails to final results has reminded me of how much we don’t see behind the final result.