Blog Post 1

During the week I have been reading about internships and what they should entail. Using the resources my Proffesor provided I started to develop a better understanding of the purpose an internship. While they do serve as a great way to get your foot in the door for students with little to no work experience, internships provides many other benefits that many people who start never utilize. I focused first on trying to find an internship that seem worthwhile to persue. I first reached out to people that I know that I one that may be taking interns at the time. I asked friends and family memeber for help and was very close to getting one right of the bat. Unfortunately the internship opportunity that was was given to me was not one that was in the creative field and therefore could meet the requirements for the internship class. But fortunately they may have a job I could do although they do I have a clear date yet. One resource that I didn’t look into as of yet are non profit organizations. The church I go to are affiliated with a couple of non profit organizations including other churches in Queens. While I am not exactly sure if they can help mefind what I am looking for, it is still better to ask and find out.