Networking Event 9/20/18

On the 9/20/18, City Tech hosted an event in which the founder of The Imagenation Agency, Martellus Bennet came to speak. Martellus is an animator, illustrator, story teller, and so much more. From my first impression of him speaking I can tell right away that he is not only a funny and sociable guy , but he also a person who truly has a deep love and appreciation for the arts. He takes a lot of inspiration from his environment, his daughter, society standards and views of the world. In all of husbands work he states that he want to display a positive message. From the way he talk about his experiences in the field, it sounded like he truly did enjoy what he does. One key thing I notice that about Martellus is that he is very open minded and has such a broad view of ideas and experiences to the point where no matter where you put him, he could come up with a creative idea. He expressed a lot that being able to take opportunities and continuously working towards your goal will always help you in the long run. In one of his stories he talked about he had the chance to meet Snoop Dogg. And just by introducing himself and asking , he was able to make a song with him. Martellus says don’t be afraid to ask for an opportunity because you never know what can happen. Overall what I took from the seminar was the fact to it is never to late to be a creative. And the only way you can get better at being a creative is by consistently doing creative things.