Blog Post 2

I am still internship hunting while fixing and putting together my resume and portfolio. I has started using LinkedIn to find more internship opportunities and seeing what keep of jobs that suit me. Using LinkedIn made searching for what I needed a lot easier in many ways. I could just filter creative internships and all my results would  be pertaining to what I wanted to do. Unfortunately I did run into some issues. While I could filter my search’s for creative internships, not all of them where beginner friendly. Some internships required you to have past internship experience and/or job experience. Another issue I ran into was the fact that many of the internships I tried to apply for redirected me to other job hunting sites in which didn’t always let me put my skill set on my profile. Out of the 8 internship I had an interest in, I only managed to successfully apply for 2 of them. Luckily during the event that I went to, a student at city tech informed me about two places that are taking interns fast.