WK 14

We’ll look at your New/Old tech project Dropbox here
We’ll critique R1 of your Final Project one-on-one
Work in class to refine
We’ll discuss multi-artboard Ai setup and exporting single PDFs

Rework & Finalize your Final Project
Submit as single page PDF’s & Print/Trim for class Due at Final Exam 5/22

Submit single page PDFs here

We’ll meet promptly at the start of exam period. NO LATE ENTRY TO CLASS DURING FINAL
Bring your printed & trimmed letterforms (in color + proper size) before class starts (we’re not going to have time to trim in class.

If you’d like to resubmit any of the previous projects, you have until the start of the final exam period to submit on dropbox here. CREATE A FOLDER WITH YOUR NAME & SUBMIT USING SPECS/ FILE NAMING FROM ORIGINAL PROJECT BRIEF (all of which is linked on this site).