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Week 08

Quick critique of Illustrated Avatars on screen

Introduce Photoshop!

  • Recap of Raster Images
  • Tour of the interface
  • Document Setup/Pixel Dimensions
  • Layers
  • Making Selections
  • Non-Destructive Editing
  • Masking
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Moving layers/images between documents

Screenshot to pasteboard: Cmd+Shift+Ctrl+4
Selecting imagery online (use tools-> size in google search)

Intro to Photoshop Tutorial

PS tools


Use this image to clone out the deer
Use this image to clip the creature and add a color background
Use this image to make everything black + white except flowers (and change the color of flowers as a bonus)

Combine a person/animal and a food by masking 2 found images together.
Save your working file as a PSD.
Upload your image into this Dropbox folder


Week 07

We’ll take a look as a class, and meet 1-on-1 to work on your Illustrated Avatar
Work in class to finish these. Push much farther if you feel like it’s complete.

New Tools:
Clipping Masks (to use images to fill shapes, or hide parts of other groups/objects/images)
Compound Paths (to make multiple shapes act like 1 shape)
Why Clipping Masks over Pathfinder?

Project 03 PDF + Rubric

Final Illustrated Avatar
Put your 2 page PDF in this Dropbox Folder named FirstLastname_P03_Avatar_Final.PDF
You don’t need to print these!

Week 05

Critique Full R1 of 4 Icons Project (looking at concept, visuals, typography, composition, & color)

  • Work in class to finish 4 Icons Project
  • Review saving print-ready PDFs

Project PDF

Some more thoughts on critique:
The purpose of critique is simply to make the work better. Nothing in a critique is about evaluating you as a designer, person, or at all—it’s only about making the specific project at hand more successful.

As someone receiving critique, it may be wise to take some quick notes for yourself either during, or right after we talk through your work. Take critique with an open mind and stay focused on how to improve the work. If a member of the class or myself suggests trying something that you don’t agree with, that’s ok (it’s YOUR project) but at least try the suggestion and then decide if it’s an improvement.

As a member of critique, please speak up and contribute to class. Pay attention to what is said about others projects as well, as this is an important opportunity to practice looking at work and talking about it using vocabulary of the profession. Keep comments about the work. If you need to say “this is cool,” or “I really like this,” follow it up with something actionable and constructive. You should absolutely not be working on your project during someone else’s critique.

Finish 4 Icons Project Due next class
(submit PDF on Dropbox & bring Printed 17×11 to class)
May need to print off campus at FedEx Kinkos, UPS store, or any copy/print shop

Week 04

Review R1 of Project 02 / Work in Class

  • Using Source Imagery
  • Screenshotting (CMD+Shift+Ctrl+4)
  • Outline Stroke (and leaving a live version)
  • Leaving copies off artboard
  • Offset Path (object > path > offset path)
  • Typography Tools

The Noun Project
(use these as inspiration, don’t just copy these)

Coolors – Color Palette Generator
(great tool to explore palettes online)

DangerDom – Vimeo Timelapse
(Alt-J Poster sped up showing process)

Round 2 due – 02/27 (fully complete in color with typography)
ONLY Digital PDF is necessary
Project PDF Here

Submit PDF using this naming convention: FirstLastname_P02_4icons_R02.pdf in this Dropbox Folder