Final journal

While I didn’t accomplish the 4 songs like I wanted, overall I am very happy with the outcome. I got the itch I always wanted to feed off my back. I learned way more than I thought I was going to, and it also came out better then I thought it will. Im glad I finally took the step into producing, and cant wait to do more. I plan on adding to Indigo Dreams once the semester is done and it make it a full EP. I can’t wait to do more.


Below are links to snapshots of the Maschine 2.0 file I used for the instrumentals:

Peace and Mind


Facing Me




Below are links to snapshots of the Mixcraft files for recording.

Peace and Mind

Facing Me




Balance journal part 2

On 11/31/15, I finished “Balance”. While, I had the outline of the song done, it still needed depth and bass. I tried adding the bass on Maschine, but was having issues playing on the pads. I couldn’t get a feel for the song using the pads, and needed a keyboard controller. So, I borrowed one from my Dad, and added the bass on Mixcraft as a virtual instrument. I then imported the beat into Mixcraft, and added the bass. The next thing, was adding the snyths to the hook, to give the song even more depth and it was done. Overall, I feel like Balance is the most complicated instrumental. I thought I bit off more than I could threw when I accidentally started it in 5/4 but, I’m glad I stood with it and I’m glad with the outcome.

Balance journal part 1

On 11/30/15, I started the third and last song called “Balance” I wanted to create a totally different feel for this song, using both bright and darker elements. I also wanted to use two genres of music, jazz and new age. When I first started making the beat in Maschine however, I realized I didn’t have the sounds to do so. Therefore, I ended up buying an expansion of sounds on the Native Instruments website. It gave me all the jazz sounds I wanted and then some. Half way into making the song on the first day, I realized that the song wasn’t lining up the way I wanted and it wasn’t “kicking”. After, playing the song for my Dad(who has been making music for 30 years) he, pointed out that it was 5/4 and I was recording in 3/4. Which, set the timing of the whole song off. After realizing this, I was able to split it up, and fix the timing issue, and made the basic outline for the song. But, realized due to the odd timing it would be hard to sing/rap over it. So, I decided to keep it just as an instrumental.

Facing Me journal prt.3

11/14/15 was the second and last day for recording on Facing Me. Justinsane, took the three days to write another verse, which we recorded in 1 hour. I originally had problems getting all the levels at the same volume but, was able to get it done. I later realize it was due because, of different mic placement on the second day. Therefore, his voice was coming in at a different level than the first day. Overall, I feel like Facing Me vocals came out the cleanest.

Facing Me Journal part 2

On 11/12/15, I started recording vocals for Facing Me. I wanted the theme/mood for the song had an aggressive, don’t back down attitude. After sending the instrumental to my friend and rapper Justinsane the night before, he was able to write a verse and hook. On the first day of recording, we was able to record the first verse and hook. His voice he was coming our airy at first, but I again was able to fix it using GoldWave. I also added adlibs to the hook to give it more depth.

Facing Me Journal part 1

On, 11/10/15 I started the beat for Facing Me. I wanted to create a faster pace song, that got the listener’s attention. Because, I felt like it would have been a good balance for after Peace and Mind. I had a way easier time making the beat, without having to through the learning curve. I also went for a more simple approach, and only went with 4 instrument tracks, drums, bass, dj scratches and pianos. It took me around 3-4 hours to make, and I got the faster pace, darker feeling I wanted to achieve.