Balance journal part 1

On 11/30/15, I started the third and last song called “Balance” I wanted to create a totally different feel for this song, using both bright and darker elements. I also wanted to use two genres of music, jazz and new age. When I first started making the beat in Maschine however, I realized I didn’t have the sounds to do so. Therefore, I ended up buying an expansion of sounds on the Native Instruments website. It gave me all the jazz sounds I wanted and then some. Half way into making the song on the first day, I realized that the song wasn’t lining up the way I wanted and it wasn’t “kicking”. After, playing the song for my Dad(who has been making music for 30 years) he, pointed out that it was 5/4 and I was recording in 3/4. Which, set the timing of the whole song off. After realizing this, I was able to split it up, and fix the timing issue, and made the basic outline for the song. But, realized due to the odd timing it would be hard to sing/rap over it. So, I decided to keep it just as an instrumental.